Crazy Time Live Casino Experience in Bangladesh on Labha7

crazy time live casino experience in bangladesh on labha7
Take advantage of Labha7, a trusted online casino provider in Bangladesh, to experience the excitement of Crazy Time. Learn about the game's mechanics, betting strategies, and bonus games. Get a 100% Welcome Bonus and start playing on Labha7!
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As live casino gaming rises in Bangladesh, Crazy Time has become one of Evolution Gaming’s most popular games. Labha7, a trusted online casino platform in Bangladesh, provides a wide variety of exciting games, such as Crazy Time, attracting a large number of players. In order for players to enjoy the best gaming experience on Labha7, this article will discuss Crazy Time and betting strategies.

How does Crazy Time work?

Crazy Time is an award-winning live game show featuring a wheel with 54 segments and 8 betting options. Players can place bets on 4 different numbers, each with unique payout rates, or on one of 4 exciting bonus games. Adding to the excitement is the Top Slot feature, where two reels spin to apply special win multipliers to number bets or upgrade one of the bonus games.

How to Play Crazy Time Live on Labha7 in Bangladesh

Evolution Gaming’s Crazy Time has gained significant attention in Bangladesh as live casino gaming grows. Although the local market is still emerging, international platforms like Labha7 have made the game accessible. To enhance the experience, live dealers host dedicated tables for popular games like Crazy Time. Crazy Time stands out for its vibrant visuals, random number draws, and interactive features like live player chat, enhancing the social aspect.

The game appeals to both casual players and serious bettors in Bangladesh due to its high production values, simple rules, and unpredictable outcomes. On localized platforms like Labha7, social-focused live dealer formats like Crazy Time are becoming more popular. By offering an engaging gaming experience, Labha7 has become a go-to site for Bangladeshi players looking to enjoy Crazy Time and other live casino games.

To start playing Crazy Time on Labha7:

  1. Create an Account: Choose a trusted online casino in Bangladesh, such as Labha7, which has excellent ratings and positive reviews on Trustpilot and ScamAdviser. Don’t forget to claim the 100% Welcome Bonus.
  2. Make a Deposit: Most online casinos in Bangladesh require a minimum deposit of ৳500. Popular deposit methods include UPI, PayTM, PhonePe, Google Pay, cryptocurrency, other e-wallets, and local bank transfers.
  3. Start Playing: After creating an account and making a deposit, you can start playing Crazy Time. Navigate to the Live Casino menu, select Evolution as the provider, and search for Crazy Time to enter the lobby and begin playing.

Tips and Strategies for Winning at Crazy Time

Winning at Crazy Time involves accurately predicting the space where the wheel will stop after each spin. Players can place bets on up to 8 different spaces, each offering different payouts based on their likelihood of landing.

Bet Options and Payouts

The most conservative bet is on the number 1 space, which appears 21 times on the wheel and pays out at 1:1. On the other hand, the highest paying bet is on the number 10 space, which only appears 4 times but offers a payout of 10:1.

Bonus Reel and Multipliers

Each round includes a bonus reel spun above the wheel, revealing one of the 8 spaces and a multiplier that enhances the winning values. If the multiplier applies to a bonus game, all winning values during the bonus game are increased by the multiplier. For instance:

  1. Bet Placement: A player places a £5 bet on the number 1 space.
  2. Bonus Reel Spin: The bonus reel spins and shows the number 1 space with a 3x multiplier.
  3. Wheel Spin: The wheel then spins and lands on the number 1 space.
  4. Payout Calculation: The payout for this win is calculated at 1:1, resulting in a £10 payout. With the 3x multiplier, the total return is £30 for that round.

Betting Strategy

To maximize your chances of winning, consider the following strategy:

  • Bet on the number 1 space for frequent but smaller wins.
  • Occasionally place riskier bets on higher payout spaces to capitalize on potential big wins when multipliers are in play.

By understanding these elements, players can develop a balanced betting strategy that takes advantage of both conservative and high-risk opportunities in Crazy Time.

Crazy Time Strategies

Bonus Game Bonanza

It’s the perfect strategy for bonus game lovers. Ensure that you never miss out on the four bonus games at any value by placing all your bets on them. Depending on the likelihood of hitting a bonus game, adjust your bet amount based on the number of segments on the wheel. For instance, the Coin Flip bonus appears four times on the wheel, while Crazy Time only appears once.

Playing it Safe

For a safer approach, avoid the bonus game spaces and bet only on the numbered spaces. This strategy is considered safe because the numbered spaces appear most frequently on the wheel. The number 1 space alone occupies 21 segments. In total, numbered spaces cover 45 of the 54 segments, giving you a high chance of landing on a winning number.

Crazy Time Martingale

Adapted from a popular roulette strategy, the Crazy Time Martingale involves doubling your bet after every loss. Start with your chosen bets, and if you lose, maintain your betting pattern but double the amount. The idea is that you’ll eventually win and recoup your losses.

All In

If you can’t decide on a single bet, why not bet on all available spaces? This strategy maximizes your chances of winning and ensures you always qualify for bonus games when they land. You can either place the same value on all spaces or mix your bet values based on which segments have been winning most frequently.

The Match

This strategy is a twist on the Playing it Safe approach. Match your bet to the odds of each number. For example:

  • Bet £1 on the number 1, which has a payout ratio of 1:1.
  • Bet £2 on the number 2, which has a payout ratio of 2:1.

Using these strategies can improve your Crazy Time gameplay and potentially increase your winnings, especially when you land on numbers like 5 or 10.

Bonus games for Crazy Time

Experience game show thrills with Crazy Time’s four incredible bonus games! These unique games offer substantial rewards and are triggered when the wheel lands on their segments. To participate, place a bet on the corresponding bonus game segment during the betting phase. If a top slot multiplier applies, the multipliers for the bonus game increase before it begins.

Overview of the bonus games

Bonus GameRTP(%)Number of Wheel SegmentsDescription
Pachinko94.33%2The puck is dropped from the top, and the space it lands on will have its multiplier applied to the activating bet.
Cash Hunt95.27%2Aim at one of the 108 available symbols and, when the timer expires, fire to reveal multipliers applied to your total bet.
Coin Flip95.70%4Multipliers are added to both the Red and Blue sides of a coin. The coin is flipped by the dealer, and the winning side’s multiplier is applied to your bet value.
Crazy Time94.41%1Enter the Crazy Time world with a mega wheel containing 64 segments and 3 flappers. Choose your flapper and spin the wheel to reveal mega win multipliers applied to your total bet.
Playing Crazy Time with these strategies can enhance your gameplay experience and potentially increase your winnings.

Simplified Analysis of the Table Content

The table shows different bet options in Crazy Time, detailing the number of wheel segments, odds, and potential winnings for a £5 bet.

Numbered Bets

  • 1: 21 segments, 1:1 odds, £10 winnings
  • 2: 13 segments, 2:1 odds, £15 winnings
  • 5: 7 segments, 5:1 odds, £30 winnings
  • 10: 4 segments, 10:1 odds, £55 winnings

Bonus Games

  • Pachinko: 2 segments, up to £500,000
  • Cash Hunt: 2 segments, up to £500,000
  • Coin Flip: 4 segments, up to £500,000
  • Crazy Time: 1 segment, up to £500,000

Reformatted Table

Bet NumberSegmentsOddsWinnings (for £5 bet)
Pachinko2N/AUp to £500,000
Cash Hunt2N/AUp to £500,000
Coin Flip4N/AUp to £500,000
Crazy Time1N/AUp to £500,000
Crazy Time’s possible outcomes and rewards are easily seen in this breakdown.

Top Tips for Crazy Time

  1. Start Small: Begin with small bets to understand the game’s mechanics and experiment without risking large amounts.
  2. Split Your Bets: Once you are comfortable with the basic rules, try spreading your bets across multiple spaces and include some of the bonus games.
  3. Understand Odds: Different bets have varying chances of winning. The number 1 space has the highest probability due to its frequency on the wheel, while the Crazy Time bet has the lowest probability with only one segment.
  4. Watch for Multipliers: Pay attention to the bonus multipliers in each round, as they can significantly increase your winnings or enhance the value of a bonus game.
  5. Set Limits: It’s crucial to set spending limits to keep the gaming experience enjoyable and safe. Utilize our Safer Gambling Tools to help manage your limits and avoid overspending.

By following these tips, you can enhance your gameplay and enjoy Crazy Time more responsibly.

Similar games to Crazy Time

Game NameRTP (%)Max Win (x)
Mega Ball95.40%125,000x
Monopoly Live96.23%10,000x
Dream Catcher95.24%20,000x
This table provides a clear comparison of the games similar to Crazy Time, highlighting their RTP and maximum win potential.


Thanks to its high production value, simple rules, and unpredictable outcomes, Crazy Time continues to grow in popularity in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi players have easy access to this thrilling game thanks to Labha7’s dedicated tables and multiple payment options. A vibrant and interactive gaming environment awaits you at Crazy Time on Labha7, whether you are a conservative or a seeker of substantial rewards. Take advantage of Labha7’s endless fun by registering now!

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