Funky Time Labha7 Casino Game: How To Play, Tricks & Strategies

funky time labha7 casino game
Play Funky Time - the hottest online casino game taking Bangladesh by storm! At Labha7, discover how to master this electrifying money wheel. Our guide covers gameplay, bonus rounds, and top tips for boosting your wins. Sign up now to claim thrilling welcome rewards and spin for epic multipliers on this groovy disco-themed hit!
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Funky Time is one of the hottest games recently at Labha7 casino. Developed by Evolution Gaming, this game has become incredibly popular among Bangladeshi players for its unique disco theme and innovative gameplay. Funky Time offers a rich entertainment experience and generous rewards waiting to be won. At Labha7 Casino, we pride ourselves on our stellar reputation and diverse game selection, and Funky Time is undoubtedly a star attraction you won’t want to miss. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned player, there’s endless fun and surprises to be found in this game. Join us and experience the endless charm of Funky Time!

Understanding Funky Time

Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to master ‘Funky Time’ at Labha7 Casino! In this section, we’ll break down the game’s overview, gameplay, special bonuses, and tricks to ensure you have all the knowledge needed to win big. Keep reading to discover the ins and outs of one of our most thrilling games—don’t miss out!

Funky Time Game Overview

Step into the disco extravaganza of Funky Time, our liveliest game show sensation since Crazy Time! The DigiWheel keeps the party spinning with random multipliers to the beat of funky disco tunes. The wheel features lettered segments promising a base payout of 25:1. But the real groove lies in the four exhilarating bonus games. Whether it’s mixing up multipliers with a robotic bartender in Bar, climbing the Stayin’ Alive multiplier ladder, or getting down on the Disco or VIP Disco dance floors with Mr. Funky, each spin offers a shot at disco glory.

funky time

Funky Time Basic Gameplay

Start by selecting your chip size to set the stakes just right for you. During the bet phase, you’ll have the opportunity to place your bets on various segments of the colorfully lit DigiWheel. Each segment can trigger direct cash wins or lead you into one of the game’s vibrant bonus rounds.

As the wheel spins, the excitement builds—each landing could be your ticket to a major win. The game introduces randomness with every spin by assigning multipliers to different wheel segments, magnifying your potential winnings. Winning is based on where the wheel stops; landing on numbered or lettered spaces grants cash prizes based on preset odds, which can dramatically increase with multipliers.

The real thrill of “Funky Time” lies in its bonus games, which can be activated if your bet aligns with any of the special bonus segments when the wheel stops. Choose from engaging games like the Bar Bonus, where a robotic bartender serves up a concoction of multipliers, or the Stayin’ Alive Bonus, featuring a fun ladder of multipliers enhanced by a ball drawing mechanism. If you’re aiming for the stars, the Disco or VIP Disco Bonus games might see you dancing your way across a grid collecting multipliers, with the latter offering even larger rewards and more spaces to navigate.

Each session is an open door to exhilarating payouts and interactive fun, making “Funky Time” a perfect blend of chance, strategy, and disco fever.

Player Interaction and Community Features

Funky Time excels in enhancing player interaction and community engagement during gameplay. The live dealer feature is central to this, enabling real-time interaction between the dealer and players through a live chat function. This setup not only allows players to communicate with the dealer but also facilitates interaction among players, creating a lively gaming atmosphere.
Additionally, the presence of charismatic live hosts further boosts this community feel, as they guide the gameplay and engage players with their dynamic presence, making each session more than just a game but a social event​

How to Win at Funky Time Casino Game?

Winning at Funky Time revolves around strategic betting on the wheel’s segments, with payouts determined by where the wheel stops. Each letter segment initially offers a payout of 25:1, which can escalate dramatically—up to 1250:1—thanks to random multipliers that enhance the stakes unpredictably.

funky time bonus rounds

Funky Time Bonus Rounds

Funky Time elevates the excitement with four distinctive bonus rounds, each designed to maximize player engagement and winning potential. These rounds leverage a blend of strategy and chance, offering a diverse gaming experience filled with unique mechanics and high rewards.

Bar Bonus

In the Bar Bonus, players are transported to a virtual bar where they select one of three glasses. A robotic bartender then fills the selected glass with a multiplier. The amount of liquid poured correlates directly to the multiplier’s value, turning a simple choice into a potentially lucrative decision. This round emphasizes the suspense and excitement of watching the multipliers increase as more is poured into the glass.

Stayin’ Alive Bonus

The Stayin’ Alive Bonus introduces a higher level of interactivity, featuring a 90-ball drawing machine. Players watch as balls are drawn to advance up a multiplier ladder. The challenge comes as players must avoid black balls, which can end the progression. Each successful draw without hitting a black ball increases the potential multiplier, adding a layer of strategy and anticipation.

Disco Bonus

The Disco Bonus captures the essence of a vibrant dance floor. Players guide a character, Mr. Funky, across a grid filled with multipliers. The aim is to collect as many multipliers as possible before a misstep causes Mr. Funky to fall off the grid, which would end the bonus round. This round is particularly engaging due to its interactive nature and the visual excitement of navigating the dance floor.

VIP Disco Bonus

An enhanced version of the Disco Bonus, the VIP Disco Bonus, offers an expanded dance floor with more spaces and significantly higher multipliers, up to 500x. This exclusive bonus round is designed for those aiming for the highest rewards, providing more opportunities to collect multipliers and achieve substantial winnings.

funky time bonus rounds

Funky Time Strategy Tips

When playing Funky Time, strategic betting is key. Understanding the odds and payouts for each segment of the wheel can significantly impact your success. The game offers a variety of betting options, each with different potential returns. For example, betting on specific numbers or letters can yield high multipliers, significantly increasing the payout if successful. Managing your bankroll effectively is crucial; setting limits and betting responsibly can prevent significant losses.
Also, engaging with the bonus rounds strategically can enhance winning chances since these rounds offer higher multipliers and rewards. Observing the outcomes of previous games and adjusting your betting strategy accordingly can also be beneficial​​.

Similar Games to Funky Time

If you’re hooked on the thrilling experience of Funky Time, get ready to explore more exciting live casino games! Evolution Gaming has taken the wheel with several unique spins on the money wheel concept. From Crazy Time’s wacky bonus games to MONOPOLY Live’s iconic board game flair, and the mesmerizing Dream Catcher’s hypnotic multipliers, these games offer adrenaline-pumping entertainment. While each title puts its own spin on the wheel, they all capture the electrifying suspense of Funky Time. Buckle up and see which of these exhilarating rides becomes your new funky favorite!

Crazy Time

Experience Crazy Time on Labha7

Crazy Time Overview

Get ready for an outrageously entertaining ride with Crazy Time, Evolution Gaming’s wildly popular live casino game! Building upon the thrilling premise of a money wheel, this innovative title takes the excitement to dizzying new heights with bonus rounds and hugely rewarding gameplay.
What makes Crazy Time so addictively fun? First off, the game is hosted by a lively presenter who instantly amps up the energy with their charismatic stagecraft. The vibrant studio setting, complete with dazzling lights and upbeat music, further ramps up the adrenaline and festive vibe.
But the real showstopper is the massive Crazy Time wheel itself. In addition to the standard multipliers, this colossal wheel features four sublime bonus games – Crazy Time Basecamp, Coin Flip, Pachinko, and Cash Hunt. Landing on any of these instantly triggers an entertaining interlude with the potential for massive payouts.
The Coin Flip is a simple yet pulse-pounding round where a virtual arm-wrestler determines who wins big. Pachinko sees you cheering as a puck falls through a vertigo-inducing machine of pegs. For sheer exhilaration, it’s hard to top Cash Hunt where the presenter literally gets behind the wheel of a cute car representing your number for huge potential prizes.

Crazy Time Game Rules

How do you get in on all the fun? Gameplay begins by placing standard roulette bets on a virtual table. But as soon as the eponymous Crazy Time wheel starts spinning, you’ll be glued in anticipation of which whimsical multiplier or bonus it may land on.

If it’s just a multiplier spot, any corresponding bet on the table sees an easy payout boost. But where’s the fun in that? You’ll be hoping it triggers one of the four bonus games, each with its own riveting risk and reward.

In the Crazy Time Basecamp bonus, you’ll watch breathlessly as a rock climber ascends, overcoming obstacles and cash prizes on their treacherous path to the summit’s 100x jackpot. Survive the climb, and wins are multiplied!

  1. Start the Game: Begin by placing your bets on a colorful virtual roulette table. It’s just like traditional roulette but with a twist that leads to more surprises.
  2. Spin the Wheel: As the eponymous Crazy Time wheel starts spinning, the anticipation builds. Where will it stop? Each position could significantly alter the outcome of your game.
  3. Multiplier Effect: If the wheel lands on a multiplier, any matching bets on the table automatically get a boost, increasing your winnings effortlessly.
    • Dive into Bonus Games: The real thrill comes from the potential to trigger one of four distinct and exciting bonus games:
    • Crazy Time Basecamp: Engage in a virtual mountain climbing adventure. Watch a climber ascend steep cliffs, dodging obstacles to collect cash prizes, aiming for a peak jackpot of 100x.
    • Coin Flip: Experience the tension as two futuristic arm wrestlers compete. The outcome of their struggle will multiply the stakes of the bet placed on the victorious side.
    • Pachinko: A classic game reimagined where a puck descends through a pegboard maze, with each nail altering its path. Multipliers increase from 1x up to a breathtaking 10,000x, depending on where the puck lands.
    • Cash Hunt: A whimsical game where a cartoon sports car zooms around the studio. If it runs over the number you’ve bet on, that number’s payout gets multiplied, leading to potentially huge wins.
  4. Continuous Excitement: Each spin of the wheel could unlock a path to these rewarding and entertaining bonus features, making every round of Crazy Time an unpredictable and delightful experience.



MONOPOLY Live Overview

Get ready to pass GO and roll the dice in this brilliant live casino game inspired by the iconic Monopoly board game! MONOPOLY Live from Evolution Gaming brilliantly combines the classic gameplay with an innovative money wheel twist. The vibrant 3D animated Monopoly board comes alive under the choreography of a charismatic presenter. As players move their tokens around by rolling digital dice, they’ll feel the nostalgic thrill of landing on familiar properties and spaces like Free Parking, Go to Jail, and the coveted Mayfair.
But true to its live casino premise, MONOPOLY Live introduces real-money betting alongside the board gameplay. Players wager on videogame-like multipliers and random bonus games that can lead to massive payouts and electrifying “make it or break it” moments! Every roll of the dice intensifies the excitement, as players not only predict the outcomes on the wheel but also strategize to maximize their gains from each property they land on. It’s more than just a game; it’s a thrilling adventure that combines strategy, luck, and the joy of classic Monopoly with the pulse-pounding rush of live gaming.

MONOPOLY Live Game Rules

Dive into the dynamic world of MONOPOLY Live, a unique live casino rendition of the world-famous board game, where real money stakes meet the charm of Monopoly. The game starts with players placing bets on one of the numbered multipliers on the Money Wheel—1x, 2x, 5x, 10x—each representing a potential payout.

Once bets are placed, the live host spins the Money Wheel. If the wheel stops on your chosen multiplier, your bet is multiplied accordingly. But that’s just the beginning! Special segments like ‘CHANCE’, ‘2 ROLLS’, and ‘4 ROLLS’ trigger immersive 3D bonus rounds that bring the Monopoly board to life.

  • Chance Cards: Drawing a Chance card might give you a cash prize or a multiplier bonus. But watch out, because the Community Chest card could mix things up by imposing fines or giving rewards.
  • 2 Rolls & 4 Rolls: Land on these, and Mr. Monopoly will take you around the 3D Monopoly board. Roll the digital dice and move around the board to collect prizes, multipliers, and maybe even a jackpot. Property squares, utilities, and even jails come into play, just like in the traditional board game.
  • Bonus Games: The bonus rounds are where fortunes can dramatically change. Landing on streets, railways, or utilities can multiply your stakes, while taxes or going to jail might hinder your progress. Special bonuses are available for landing on ‘Go’ or completing a circuit of the board.

Strategically navigating these elements brings both the thrill of chance and the joy of strategy to life. Each game round promises new surprises and potentially huge payouts, keeping the excitement high and players on the edge of their seats. With a mix of nostalgia and innovative real-time gameplay, MONOPOLY Live offers an unforgettable live casino experience that keeps players returning to roll the dice and maybe, just maybe, build a property empire.

Dream Catcher

dream catcher live game

Dream Catcher Overview

Dream Catcher stands out as one of Evolution Gaming’s most unique and mesmerizing live casino games. Taking inspiration from the classic carnival wheel, it injects a massive dose of anticipation and potential rewards.
At the heart is an enormously tall vertical wheel, divided into sections representing multipliers from 1x up to a dream-dropping 40x. Expertly hosted in an atmospheric studio setting, the wheel spinning is a true spectacle.
What makes Dream Catcher so captivating is its brilliant blend of simple betting fun with the thrill of waiting for a hugely multiplied payout. The dramatic lighting, sound effects, and visuals elevate the wheel spinning into a true cinematic experience.
With each launch, you’ll be transfixed waiting to see if Lady Luck will make your multiplier dreams come true. The potential to turn modest stakes into soaring wins in an instant makes this vertical wheel an addictively compelling Pull.

Dream Catcher Game Rules

Dream Catcher invites players into the colorful world of live casino gaming with a simple yet thrilling concept. The game revolves around a massive vertically mounted wheel, divided into 54 segments. Players start by placing bets on the number they believe the wheel will stop at, choosing from 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, or 40, which correspond to the payout rates .Step into the vibrant world of Dream Catcher, a mesmerizing live casino game that combines the simplicity of a money wheel with the electric thrill of a game show. Here’s how you can dive into the action and spin your way to potential big wins:

  • Starting the Game: Place bets on numbers represented on the wheel: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, or 40. Each number corresponds to the payout multiplier.
  • The Wheel Spin: A live host spins the large, colorful wheel. The outcome depends on where the wheel stops.
  • Basic Payouts: If the wheel lands on your chosen number, you win that number multiplied by your bet (e.g., betting on 10 and landing on 10 pays 10x the stake).
  • Multiplier Segments: The wheel includes two special segments marked 2x and 7x. Landing on these multiplies the payouts of subsequent spins.
  • Excitement of Multipliers: If a multiplier is hit, all bets hold, and the wheel spins again. The multiplier increases payouts for the next number that comes up. If another multiplier hits, the process repeats, enhancing potential winnings.
  • Repeated Spins for Multipliers: The game continues with the wheel spinning until it lands on a number segment after a multiplier, compounding the final payouts.
  • End Game: When the wheel stops on a number after hitting a multiplier, the game round concludes, and winnings are calculated based on the stacked multipliers and the final number.

Comparison with Funky Time

Funky Time, along with Crazy Time, MONOPOLY Live, and Dream Catcher, offers unique spins on the classic money wheel concept, each providing a distinct live casino experience. These games are designed to captivate with immersive themes and dynamic bonus features that heighten the thrill of the game. While each game employs a different thematic approach—from game show antics to classic board game elements—they all deliver engaging, high-energy gaming experiences. Understanding their RTP is crucial as it affects the long-term payout potential, with higher RTPs generally offering better returns to players.

GameUnique FeaturesBonus GamesRTP
Funky TimeDisco-themed wheel with vibrant game show feelFour bonus games including Cash Hunt and Pachinko96.08%
Crazy TimeHigh-energy game show with multiple bet spotsFour interactive bonus games including Coin Flip and Cash Hunt95.5%
MONOPOLY LiveClassic board game elements3D bonus rounds inspired by the Monopoly board96.23%
Dream CatcherSimple yet thrilling money wheel gameMultiplier segments that can increase payouts96.55%

So you’re hooked on the funky disco vibes of Funky Time, huh? I feel you, that game’s got some serious groove! But listen up, Evolution Gaming’s other live titles are no slouches either. Each one brings its own unique flavor and surprising bonus twists to really amp up the thrills.

First up, there’s Crazy Time – this one’s an A-list celebrity in Evolution’s lineup! The whole vibe is insanely energetic, with wacky bonus games like Coin Flip and Cash Hunt where you could realistically multiplier your bet stake up to crazy heights. The presenter alone is pure hype, getting everyone pumped for those big multiplier drops.

Then you’ve got MONOPOLY Live, taking everyone’s favorite board game and flipping it into an interactive live casino experience. Sure, you’re spinning a wheel, but you also get to move around the classic Monopoly board, maybe even triggering a 3D bonus round inspired by the game. Talk about nostalgic thrills!

For something a bit more hypnotic, Dream Catcher is an utterly captivating vertical wheel where those sweet multiplier segments up to 40x could turn even a modest bet into a dream score. The atmosphere is just mesmerizing as you hang on each spin.

Of course, the OG Funky Time still reigns supreme with its unique disco stylings and electric bonus rounds like Cash Hunt. But don’t sleep on these other live hits – they each pack a serious punch of fun and potential payouts in their own distinctive way. Whichever groove you vibe with, Evolution’s gotcha covered with an awesome live ride!

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