Learn the best strategies and tips for playing Crazy Time on Labha7

Learn the best strategies and tips for playing Crazy Time on Labha7
Discover the ultimate strategies and tips for winning at Crazy Time on Labha7. Master the gameplay with our comprehensive guide and elevate your casino experience!
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In this article, we discuss game analysis and winning strategies for Crazy Time, an innovative live online game show based on the Dream Catcher Money Wheel concept. Crazy Time offers a variety of betting options from low risk to high reward. Utilizing the game’s odds, odds, and payouts, I’ll help you improve your chances of winning through strategic decisions and a good RTP.

Crazy Time ramps up the excitement with top slot multipliers and four engaging bonus games. By blending traditional elements with cutting-edge technology, it delivers an exciting experience filled with multipliers and bonus opportunities.

As a huge fan of Mad Time, I really appreciate its dynamic gameplay. Playing games on Labha7 enhances this fun, providing a seamless gaming experience through its user-friendly interface and reliable service. Labha7 is committed to providing top-notch games, making it the perfect platform to have a crazy time. This guide will share essential strategies and tips to help you maximize your success during your crazy time at Labha7.

What Sets Crazy Time Apart from Other Live Casino Games?

Evolution Gaming’s Crazy Time, a standout on Labha7’s live casino platform, is a game show-style offering. Through its combination of entertainment and potential financial rewards, this immersive game has earned its place in Crazy Time history. Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming captures the excitement of a TV game show and brings it to the world of online casinos with its vibrant wheel and dynamic presenters.

With a Crazy Time tracker that displays past outcomes and potential game developments, the game keeps players on their toes. Analytical players appreciate this feature, which helps them make informed decisions. Featuring four distinct bonus rounds, each with its own thrills and rewards, Crazy Time integrates real-time interaction. Despite maintaining a commitment to fair and transparent gaming, its innovative format marks a breakthrough in live casino games, offering an exciting escape with the potential for significant returns.

The best places to play Crazy Time

Labha7 is the best place to play Crazy Time. Due to its excellent gaming experience, available both on desktop and mobile devices, and generous welcome bonus, I’ve rated Labha7 5 out of 5 stars. By signing up with Labha7, you will be able to experience Crazy Time like never before. In addition, you can check out my Crazy Time Casinos article for more details about various casinos and their offerings.

How to Play and Bet on Crazy Time

To play Crazy Time, log into your account at one of my recommended online casinos and find the game in the casino lobby. Once you launch Crazy Time, you can join the game by placing bets. You can bet on numbers 1, 2, 5, or 10, or on one of the four bonus rounds: Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, or Crazy Time.

After the betting time ends, the presenter spins the wheel, alternating spin directions with each new round. Simultaneously, the Top Slot spins, awarding a win multiplier to one of the numbers or bonus rounds. For instance, Cash Hunt could receive a 5x win multiplier.

When the wheel stops, one of two outcomes occurs. If the wheel lands on a number, players who bet on that number win. If a Top Slot multiplier is active, the payout is enhanced by that multiplier. The game then resets for the next round of betting. If the wheel lands on a bonus round segment, only players with active bets on that segment advance to the bonus round, while others watch the bonus round play out.

The opportunity to boost wins with additional multipliers from the Top Slot before the main wheel spins adds to the excitement. These multipliers can lead to significant payouts, especially during the bonus rounds.

Time for betting

The first step in playing Crazy Time is to choose your bets. On the betting grid, you can bet on all or a selection of spots. A “Bet All” button is provided for each number segment on the wheel and for each bonus segment. A 15-second betting period is followed by a Crazy Time period of 15 seconds.

The top slot spins

After betting time ends, the presenter spins the main Crazy Time wheel, and the Top Slot spin begins simultaneously. For the Top Slot result to be valid and for the multipliers to apply to the main game, the two halves of the winning line on the slot must align horizontally.

If the winning line aligns, the selected multiplier becomes active for the main wheel spin. The maximum multiplier available on Top Slot is 50x, with other possible multipliers being 25x, 20x, 15x, 7x, 5x, 4x, 3x, and 2x.

Segments and Wheel for Crazy Time

The Crazy Time money wheel features 54 segments, each containing either a number (1, 2, 5, or 10) or a bonus round symbol. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

Number Segments:

  • 1: When the wheel lands on this segment, players who bet on number 1 win. The payout is 1x the bet, potentially enhanced by Top Slot multipliers.
  • 2: Landing on this segment awards a 2x payout, again subject to any active Top Slot multipliers.
  • 5: This segment provides a 5x payout, which can be boosted by Top Slot multipliers.
  • 10: The highest number segment, offering a 10x payout, which can also be increased by Top Slot multipliers.

Bonus Round Segments:

  • Coin Flip: Four segments trigger the Coin Flip bonus round, where a coin with two different multipliers is flipped.
  • Cash Hunt: Two segments trigger the Cash Hunt bonus round, a shooting gallery-style game where players select targets to reveal multipliers.
  • Pachinko: Two segments trigger the Pachinko bonus round, where a puck drops down a pegboard to land on a multiplier.
  • Crazy Time: One segment triggers the Crazy Time bonus round, featuring a giant virtual wheel with massive multipliers and additional bonus segments.

On average, a bonus round is expected to occur every six spins, although this can vary due to the randomness inherent in the game.

This distribution and the potential for significant payouts make Crazy Time an exciting and dynamic game, appealing to players who enjoy both the thrill of traditional betting and the added excitement of interactive bonus rounds.

Betting and Game Play

  1. Placing Bets: Before each round, players place their bets on either the number segments or the bonus round segments. The interface includes “Bet All” buttons for convenience, allowing players to bet on all number segments or all bonus segments simultaneously.
  2. Spinning the Wheel: After the betting time ends, the presenter spins the main Crazy Time wheel. Concurrently, the Top Slot spin begins. For the Top Slot result to be valid and for the multipliers to apply, the two halves of the win line on the slot must align horizontally.
  3. Winning on Numbers: If the wheel lands on a number, players who bet on that number win. If a Top Slot multiplier is active, the payout is enhanced by the multiplier. For example, if the number 10 lands and the Top Slot multiplier is 5x, the payout is 50x the bet. After payouts are made, the game resets, and the next betting round begins.
  4. Activating Bonus Rounds: When the wheel lands on a bonus round segment, the corresponding bonus round is activated. Only players who placed bets on the bonus round segments advance to the bonus round, while other players watch the bonus round unfold. Each bonus round offers unique gameplay and potential for significant rewards, especially when combined with Top Slot multipliers.

Bonus Rounds

  • Coin Flip: A simple game where a coin with two different multipliers on each side is flipped.
  • Cash Hunt: A shooting gallery-style game where players select targets to reveal multipliers.
  • Pachinko: A game where a puck drops down a pegboard to land on a multiplier.
  • Crazy Time: The most elaborate bonus round, featuring a giant virtual wheel with enormous multipliers and additional bonus segments.

The Top Slot multipliers can lead to substantial wins, particularly during the bonus rounds, adding to the excitement and potential payouts of Crazy Time.

The RTP, odds, probability, and maximum win of Crazy Time

A theoretical return to player (RTP) of 94.41% to 96.08% is achieved by Crazy Time with an average RTP of 95.41% across all bets. This indicates a highly volatile game where players can experience small wins and occasional dead spins. In addition to spectacular payouts, Crazy Time aims to provide players with frequent bonus rounds, increasing their excitement. For maximum wins, you should bet on bonus rounds, as these rounds offer the biggest rewards.

Under Hit Frequency, you can find a table that displays the probability that each segment of the Crazy Time wheel will be hit. Each spin is independent, so past results do not affect future outcomes. The Crazy Time bonus round is theoretically the most rewarding, with wins up to 20,000x the best possible. During the Cash Hunt bonus round in January 2022, a win of 12,500x was recorded. Because a Bonus Round combined with an active multiplier in the Top Slot can produce significant wins, Crazy Time’s maximum payout is capped at €500,000.

Table of payouts and hit frequencies

In the table below, we provide a summary of the Crazy Time wheel segments, their hit frequencies, and their potential payouts based on the provided image.

Segment on WheelNumber of SegmentsHit FrequencyPayouts
12121/54 = 38.89%1:1
21313/54 = 24.07%2:1
577/54 = 12.96%5:1
1044/54 = 7.41%10:1
Pachinko22/54 = 3.70%Up To €500,000
Cash Hunt22/54 = 3.70%Up To €500,000
Coin Flip44/54 = 7.41%Up To €500,000
Crazy Time11/54 = 1.85%Up To €500,000

Are Crazy Time Stats Worth Monitoring?

I wrote an article about Crazy Time Stats that explained how long it has been since specific segments, such as Pachinko, have been triggered. You can read more about this in my Crazy Time Stats article. It is important to remember that Crazy Time is, at its core, a game of chance powered by a Random Number Generator (RNG). It is not accurate to assume that certain outcomes are “due” based on past spins.

In spite of the law of large numbers applying over an infinite number of spins, it does not apply to a sample size of 10-20 spins, which underscores the ineffectiveness of statistics trackers. Rather than relying on luck to guide you to success, stick to a sound Crazy Time strategy.

The four bonus rounds of Crazy Time explained

Each of the four bonus rounds in Crazy Time can be triggered when the wheel stops on their respective segments. Below, I will explain each bonus round so you know what to expect.

Bonus Round of Coin Flipping

Coin Flip is the most frequently occurring bonus round in Crazy Time, triggered when the wheel lands on one of the four blue segments labeled Coin Flip. When this happens, players who have placed bets on Coin Flip will participate in the bonus round, while others can watch the action unfold. This bonus round guarantees a win. It begins with random multipliers being assigned to the blue and red sides of the coin. Ideally, both multipliers are substantial, but typically one is higher than the other. The presenter then flips the coin using the Flip-o-Matic machine. The side that lands face up determines the winning multiplier, and players receive the payout corresponding to that color. The Coin Flip bonus can pay up to 5000x your bet, but this requires a Top Slot multiplier of 50x to be active during the round.

Rescue Flips are triggered automatically if the initial multipliers are low, giving players an additional chance to win. The game resets once the bonus round is over, and the betting phase resumes.

Tips and Strategy for Cash Hunting

Among Crazy Time’s most popular bonus rounds is the Cash Hunt bonus round, which appears on two green segments. In Cash Hunt, 108 random multipliers scroll across the screen as a shooting gallery. These multipliers are hidden behind symbols and then shuffled, making their locations unknown. In order to find the highest multiplier, you need to choose from a variety of symbols. The game will automatically select a target for you if you don’t select one within the allotted time. Use your mouse or finger to aim and fire a cannon at your chosen symbol.

What makes this round exciting is that each player ends up with a different multiplier based on which symbol they choose. When playing the Cash Hunt bonus round, make sure that you have an active bet on the bonus round to participate in the fun. There is no surefire strategy to increase your chances of landing a higher multiplier. Just enjoy the game.

Round of Bonuses in Pachinko

In Crazy Time, the Pachinko Bonus Round is another exciting feature that does not require player interaction. It takes place on a large Pachinko wall with 16 drop zones and 16 prize multipliers below. In order to win the round, the puck must bounce off pegs and land in a prize zone with a high multiplier. The round begins with multipliers, or “Double” assigned to each prize zone. At the back of the board, the presenter climbs the stairs and drops the puck in a randomly selected drop zone. As the puck descends, it changes direction as it bounces off the pegs, eventually landing in one of the prize zones.

All multipliers in other zones will be doubled if the puck lands in a zone labeled “Double.” The presenter will then retrieve the puck and drop it again from another randomly selected drop zone. This process continues until the puck lands in a zone with a multiplier or reaches the maximum multiplier of 10,000x. If the puck lands in an area where the multiplier is between 2x and 4x, a Rescue Drop may occur. Once the puck lands in a zone with a multiplier, the presenter will drop the puck again to give players another chance at a higher prize.

Bonus Round for Crazy Time

There is only one Crazy Time segment on the main wheel because it is the Crazy Time Bonus Round, where players can win substantial prizes. Upon triggering this segment, the presenter opens a red door to reveal a massive virtual Crazy Time wheel with 64 segments, each filled with a different multiplier, as well as double and triple symbols.

Players select one of three colored flappers at the top of the wheel (Blue, Green, or Yellow). The prize is awarded based on the segment where the chosen flapper lands at the end of the round. Players who picked that color spin the wheel again until the flapper lands on a multiplier segment. If the flapper stops on a Double or Triple, the multipliers increase accordingly, and the wheel is spun again.

This bonus round provides a thrilling opportunity for players to achieve significant wins, making it a highlight of Crazy Time. When multiple Double and Triple segments are hit, multipliers can accumulate up to 20,000x.

An optimal strategy for playing Crazy Time

Focus on Bonus RoundsAlways have an active bet on bonus round positions for higher winning potential.
MultipliersSignificant payouts come when multipliers land on bonus segments.
Best ScenarioCrazy Time segment with a multiplier; aim for doubles and triples on the Crazy Time Wheel.
Typical Bonus Round WinsSmaller wins: 5x to 25x your bet.
Big Wins100x or more are less common; 250x and higher are rare.
Highest WinsUp to 10,000x, occurring about once a month.
Number BetsFrequent winners, benefit from top slot multipliers.
Bonus Round Returns– Coin Flip and Pachinko: Lowest returns <br> – Cash Hunt: Decent <br> – Crazy Time: Most lucrative
Game VolatilityNot suitable for quick wins; strategic play is needed for long-term profit.
Game ComplexityRequires thorough understanding before playing.
Guide ContentIncludes information on odds, payouts, probabilities, and effective betting strategies.

Key Takeaways

  • Bonus Rounds: Focus your bets here for higher potential payouts.
  • Multipliers: Aim for scenarios where the Crazy Time segment has a multiplier.
  • Payout Frequency: Expect frequent smaller wins and occasional big payouts.
  • Strategy: Combine bonus round bets with number bets for a balanced approach.
  • Volatility: Be prepared for a volatile game that rewards strategic, long-term play.
  • Preparation: Study the game thoroughly to understand the mechanics and strategies.

This table and key takeaways provide a clear, concise overview of the optimal playing strategy for Crazy Time, making it easier for readers to understand and implement the strategies.

What You Need to Know About Crazy Time

Evolution Crazy Time has a similar RTP, but some numbers win more frequently as a result of the segment count on the wheel. Consider focusing on the numbers that appear the most frequently when developing a betting strategy. Bet on the main wheel one or two value numbers like One and Ten, which will allow you to win frequently while also aiming for large payouts during bonus rounds. To get a feel for the game, start by betting low amounts. When you overcommit to bonus rounds too early, you can quickly exhaust your bankroll. If you use this strategy, you will be able to sustain your bankroll for a longer period of time. Be sure that a win on a number bet covers any losses from other bets.

Evolution’s Todd Haushalter says bonus rounds typically appear every sixth spin. When playing Crazy Time, always bet on the Crazy Time bonus round, as it offers the most substantial rewards. The game’s biggest payouts can be missed if you do not bet on this segment. With these strategies, you will increase your chances of winning while managing your bankroll.

Crazy Time Betting Strategy

With more experience and hours of play, I’ve developed a better understanding of Crazy Time. In the beginning, I focused heavily on the Bonus Rounds, leading to frequent losses.

Over time, I began to see consistent wins when I adjusted my betting pattern and approach. Surprisingly, my greatest wins have come when I bet on the numbers rather than the Bonus Rounds.

My Winning Strategy for Crazy Time

I’ve found a successful strategy for playing Crazy Time that has consistently yielded wins. Here’s a clear breakdown:

  1. Betting on Key Numbers:
    • Number One: The most frequent number on the wheel, often appearing next to bonus segments.
    • Number Ten: Strategically positioned and frequently picks up Top Slot multipliers.

For instance, I once had a 25x multiplier on 10, turning a £2 bet into £500.

  1. Covering Bonus Numbers:
    • Place enough stake on each bonus number to at least break even when lower-paying bonus rounds hit.
    • Ensure wins from 1 and 10 cover the total stake, with a bit extra for profit.
  2. Starting Bankroll:
    • Begin with a £100 bankroll and scale bets proportionally.
    • Example: Bet £16 total, which can return £20 on One, £20 on Ten, plus whatever is won from the bonus rounds.
  3. Understanding Bonus Rounds:
    • Coin Flip and Pachinko: Generally offer the lowest returns unless they have an assigned multiplier.
    • Cash Hunt: Usually breaks even unless a multiplier is in play.
    • Crazy Time Bonus Round: Offers the highest returns, ranging from 25x to 400x, especially with multipliers from doubles on the wheel.
  4. Avoiding Quick Bankroll Depletion:
    • Be cautious with bets on Two’s and Five’s, as a streak of these can 
    • quickly deplete your bankroll.

By following this strategy, I’ve optimized my betting approach and maximized my chances of winning in Crazy Time.

Tricks and Tips for Crazy Time

Here are some tips and tricks to help you play Crazy Time better. Here’s a brief guide to help you get the most out of your game:

  1. Quick Betting: Betting time is only 13 seconds, so be quick in placing your bets.
  2. Use Auto-Play: If you’re placing the same bets each round, use the Auto-play feature. It allows you to automatically play up to 100 spins and set win and loss limits.
  3. Patience with Bonuses: It’s possible to experience 30+ spins without a bonus. Don’t be discouraged; you might hit multiple bonus rounds within a few spins shortly after.
  4. Stay Positive: Avoid criticizing the presenter if the game isn’t going your way. Take a break and return later if you’re on a losing streak.
  5. Manage Expectations: Don’t expect quick big wins in Crazy Time. This game is unpredictable, and big wins often come unexpectedly.
  6. Bonus Payouts: Most bonus wins typically range between 10x to 25x.
  7. Enjoy the Game: Ensure you’re having fun. If not, it might be best to stop playing.

By following these tips, you can enhance your Crazy Time experience and increase your chances of success.

Take advantage of crazy time

Winning during crazy times requires a well-thought-out approach and strategic betting plan. Here’s a simplified guide to improve your chances:

  1. Understand the game: Crazy Time is more complicated than it looks, so take the game seriously and become familiar with the odds and odds. Avoid thinking that a particular outcome is “deserted.”
  2. Bet on the High Probability Part: Focus on the bets with the highest probability. This approach increases your chances of getting small wins frequently.
  3. Cover multiple sections: To increase your odds, bet on multiple sections of the roulette wheel. For example, betting on all bonus rounds covering 9 of the 54 sections gives you an expected hit rate of 16.67% or approximately one every six spins.
  4. Combination Strategy: The most effective strategy is to combine bets that produce small, frequent wins with bets on the bonus round for larger payouts.

Using these strategies, you can improve your chances of winning at Crazy Time and optimize your gameplay.

Crazy Time at its Best

Regardless of when you play Crazy Time, your chances of winning and the size of your wins remain the same. The game’s mechanics remain the same throughout the day.

However, the atmosphere can vary:

  • Afternoon and Evening: The live chat is usually more active and engaging during these times. It might be the best time for you if you enjoy lively interactions with other players.
  • Morning: Play in the morning when fewer people are online for a quieter gaming experience. If you prefer a more relaxed environment, this might be for you.

Your choice of the best time to play depends on your personal preference for the gaming atmosphere. Choose a time that aligns with your preferred gaming experience.

Can Crazy Time be hacked or cheated?

You can’t hack Crazy Time. This live presenter game operates entirely randomly, so attempting to exploit it is pointless. If you follow an optimal strategy and are lucky, Crazy Time can award substantial wins. Although Crazy Time statistics and past results can help you better understand the game, it will not guarantee wins. Be cautious of claims about hacking, such as Android APKs that promise to cheat. Avoid these scams. There’s also an app called Crazy Time Casino Live on the Google Play Store, but it’s a scam. You can deposit money, but you can’t withdraw your winnings.

The only legitimate way to play Crazy Time is online at a reputable UKGC-licensed casino. Beware of so-called “incredible winning strategies” promising guaranteed big wins. These are often scams. In summary, there is no way to hack or cheat Crazy Time. Avoid bots or artificial intelligence that claim to help you win. Some players may demonstrate one significant win after many losing spins to falsely prove the effectiveness of their strategy. Enjoy the game responsibly.


Having spent considerable time mastering Crazy Time, I can confidently recommend it for its dynamic and immersive gameplay. With its vibrant, game-show-style format and captivating bonus rounds, Crazy Time is a unique and exciting gaming experience. Whether you’re engaging on a desktop or a mobile device, Labha7 offers a seamless, reliable gaming platform, letting you immerse yourself in Crazy Time whenever you want.

Knowing Crazy Time in depth and betting strategically is essential to mastering it. Labha7 provides an enhanced gaming experience, allowing you to make informed betting decisions and implement the optimal strategies discussed here, leading to impressive wins. So why wait?

Start playing Crazy Time at Labha7 today, and use our strategies to maximize your winnings! Join us for Crazy Time, enjoy the strategic thrill, and most importantly, have fun!


Q. What is the best way to play Crazy Time?

You can place bets on various segments of the Crazy Time wheel, including number bets and bonus round bets. Once the wheel is spun, you can win payouts ranging from 1:1 to 10:1 on number bets.

Q. How does Evolution Crazy Time differ from other games?

Unlike Dream Catcher, Crazy Time features four Bonus Rounds with hefty payouts.

Q. Can you win real money playing Crazy Time?

Real money can be won by playing Crazy Time if you sign up with an online casino that offers the game by Evolution Gaming. This game is not available in free play or demo mode, so all wins are real money.

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